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Summit Office

14, Ogbomosho Street
Garki, Abuja – FCT

Monday—Friday: 9:00AM–5:00PM

Why Digital Fabrication?

Digital Fabrication Digifab

The manufacturing industry is changing rapidly with the development of new manufacturing processes and the use of computer algorithms to drive innovation. Manufacturers are under more pressure than ever to deliver better products faster, at lower cost and less waste.

DigiFAB Summit Nigeria is a technology conference centered on digital fabrication, a key area of manufacturing, exploring the prevailing trends driving innovation in changing how things are made. First of its kind in Nigeria.

Digital revolution has gone beyond personal computation to personal fabrication. This fast-moving trend already has a far-reaching impact in Africa and the world at large. The rapidly evolving field of digital fabrication which is known as the third industrial revolution is beginning to do to manufacturing what the internet has done to information-based goods and services.

In Africa, people settle for technologies that were designed elsewhere, with other purposes in mind. Digital Fabrication Summit will bring together leaders, research scientists, academics and policymakers, providing a high-profile platform for a concentrated movement that sets the rise of a new industrial era and ushers in an optimized age of fabrication in Nigeria which will empower ordinary people to create technologies to solve local problems rather than just consume.

The main goal of this summit is centered around impacting the attendees with adequate technical knowledge, practical skills and ideas on digital manufacturing and design to empower them, to become makers of things. Our speakers are Industry experts, they shall introduce trends in advanced-manufacturing and provide participants with insight and enterprise examples of how they are being used today with reference to Nigerian local content.

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